HAPE 2004

An advanced HP48 editor for the PC.

HAPE – HP48 ADISP PC Editor is a powerful word processor directed at the creation of graphically advanced documents for any Hewlett-Packard calculator of the HP48 family, including the HP 48S, HP 48SX, HP 48G, HP 48GX, and HP 48G+.
The documents are compiled to be compatible with the popular ‘ADISP‘ library, developed by Jean-Francois Morreeuw and can be compressed, using an in-editor tool and the ‘BZ‘ library, developed by Ricardo Blasco Serrano, saving precious memory space in your calculator.
HAPE includes a unique set of features that makes it the most versatile and powerful PC editor for HP48 calculator. HP48 ADISP PC Editor allows you to:

  • Two different modes of edition: graphical (for beginners) or textual (for advanced users);
  • Preview your documents, in an HP48 simulated environment, before sending them to your calculator;
  • Insert JPG, BMP and GIF images inline in your texts, just like in a Word document;
  • Easily format your texts using bold, italic, underline, inverse, left italic, double, exponent and index styles;
  • Create and use symbols and characters that don’t exist by default in your HP48 using a symbol editor (already includes the greek alphabet);
  • Open converted Windows text files in your calculator;
  • Use special image formats in your documents, including GROB (GRB, GRO) and HAPE (HAI);
  • Open huge and graphically rich documents in you calculator by using the included  in-editor compression tool, together with the ‘BZ’ library;
  • Compress and convert between different HP48 image formats;
  • Build and preview ADISP menus and shortcuts in your PC.
  • Export documents to HTML, PDF and RTF;

HAPE 2004  HAPE 2004  HAPE 2004

HAPE is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 8.1, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows 98.

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Bellow you can find and download functional but non activated versions of HAPE, with limited features, in English and Portuguese.

Download Binary Pad
HAPE 2004 v2.6 (English)
[SHA-256: B6D20EE62BCC8FB738B64EEAD51BF89876F88CE79DDA7B0C6A85D1DBD188C6F2]

Download Binary Pad
HAPE 2004 v2.6 (Português)
[SHA-256: A71754802D7717E478FEA1DB4E9959CEEF038519DD3A2078E304D3A4255EBC71]


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