Immersive Situated Analysis of Dams' Behavior


Immersive Situated Analysis of Dams' Behavior


Nuno Verdelho Trindade, Pedro Leitão, Daniel Gonçalves, Sérgio Oliveira, and Alfredo Ferreira




5th International Conference on Graphics and Interaction - ICGI 2023, Tomar, Portugal, 2023, Electronic ISBN:979-8-3503-5817-9, PoD ISBN:979-8-3503-5818-6, DOI: 10.1109/ICGI60907.2023.10452725


Eurographics, IEEE



Dam safety control is a complex and challenging task that involves the analysis, monitoring, and behavior prediction of the various components of dams. Its primary objective is to ensure the safety and optimal performance of these structures. This undertaking involves the abstraction and interpretation of extensive structural, hydraulic, and geotechnical data, typically acquired through sensor networks embedded within the dam. This study introduces 'DamVR', a virtual reality tool for situated dam safety control data visualization. This tool allows dam engineers and other industry professionals to analyze the fluctuation of structural behavior over time. Its immersive environment contains a realistic representation of the dam structure, networks of sensors, and surroundings. It aims to frame the data within the visual context of the object of the analysis. This contextualization is intended to improve analytical reasoning and decision-making. The usability of DamVR was evaluated by a group of domain experts and compared to an existing augmented reality tool in similar tasks. The results indicate that DamVR is a usable and effective dam safety control data visualization tool.


situated analysis, virtual reality, immersive visualization, dam safety control, structural health monitoring

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